Plastic Surgery in Today’s Economy

A friend recently asked if the current state of the economy has negatively affected my Plastic Surgery practice. Although I haven’t seen a decrease in the number of patients wanting cosmetic procedures, I knew immediately this was something I wanted to address, especially for those considering plastic surgery but who may feel hesitant as a result of the economy being what it is.

The state of the economy is certainly a factor for anyone making a major purchase, including plastic surgery. As with any major purchase there is much to consider. After all, no one parts with hundreds or thousands of dollars without a lot of forethought. You should first consider your most important needs and how much you are willing to invest to achieve them. Whether this is a purchase of a car, furniture, a vacation or plastic surgery, the goal is to feel you have a good return on your investment, especially in these times.

As any of my patients would attest to, clients undergoing aesthetic procedures generally achieve substantial return on their investment. Here are a few examples why:

  • These clients look better
  • They feel better
  • They experience increased self confidence

And when a woman has confidence, it shows. By simply unburdening yourself of self-conscious thoughts about your appearance helps build confidence. As a result, this burst in confidence emanates from you in both your personal and professional life. Whether you have a career or not, a positive attitude and personal confidence can take you a long way.

With the economy being what it is today, the workforce has become more and more competitive. By simply having that extra confidence over someone with less self-esteem can impact your security within your job, in a very positive way, and make you a more desirable employee. For many, this edge is gained through Plastic Surgery procedures which can make you feel and look more radiant and more youthful.

For example, a woman who has always been self-conscious about having smaller breasts or that has had a baby and lost volume and elasticity very often will not feel comfortable with her body. Although in either case she may be in great physical shape, she may feel that her smaller breasts don’t accentuate her slim waistline and her dedication to keeping fit. For this woman, breast augmentation can have a very positive effect. I’ve also been told by many patients seeking breast augmentation that they just want clothes to fit without having to purchase special bras to fill out the top. Then of course, there is the swimsuit. And every woman wants to look great in her swimsuit.

We all want to feel our very best. If we don’t, self-conscious thoughts in the back of our minds can eventually impair an otherwise positive outlook. These worries and concerns (as well as the wrinkles they cause) can often be erased through simple cosmetic procedures which can help us look and feel our very best.

After a cosmetic procedure, my patients are ecstatic and often comment that they not only look and feel great, but also that they feel more self-assured. There is a great return on the investment they’ve made because these people have regained lost confidence and, with it, their self-esteem will continue to grow as negative and unproductive thoughts are replaced with positive ones. No matter what cosmetic procedure you are considering, if you choose the right Plastic Surgeon and move forward with the right expectations and motivations, you will not regret the investment you made.

-Gregory A. Buford, MD FACS

  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Founder & Medical Director, BEAUTY by BUFORD