Resolve to Look a Year (or Two) Younger in 2013!

Studies show that men and women are more successful at keeping New Year’s resolutions when they are are specific and realistic. If you yearn for beautiful, youthful skin but aren’t sure how to get it, let’s look at some of the non-surgical ways to look younger so you can reach your goals for 2013.

If you spent too much time in the sun last year, we offer a few treatments that might help. Microdermabrasion exfoliates with a tool that precisely abrades the facial skin with tiny crystals, removing the superficial layer of dead skin cells and allowing new cells to generate. Dermaplaning treats your skin at a deeper level, skimming off outer facial skin layers to work on scars, age spots, and fine wrinkles.

Chemical peels also rejuvenate the skin. Peels remove the damaged outer layer of the face, eliminating mild wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and blemishes while encouraging the growth of healthy, younger-looking skin. Chemical peels can be customized to meet each patient’s individual needs. It’s a great way put your best face forward in the new year.

Other anti-aging treatments in Denver include injectables to restore volume and relax wrinkles. Choose JUVÉDERM® for long-lasting results on folds and wrinkles. Two products—Radiesse® and Sculptra®—reduce wrinkles by replenishing lost volume and stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. Perlane® plumps the volume of facial tissue especially well in the nose and mouth area.

With a fat transfer, sometimes called structural fat grafting, you can put 2012’s unwanted gain to better use in your cheeks and lips! BOTOX® relaxes wrinkles to create a smooth, refreshed look, and can also be used to elevate the brow.

The Active FX laser method of skin resurfacing tackles deep lines and wrinkles that settle in around the eyes and mouth, reduces scarring from acne or keloid formation, and evens out skin pigmentation. The therapy promotes the generation of new collagen, improving the appearance of the skin over time. Often, a single treatment (with very little downtime) brings about a significant change.

If your eyes have lost some of their sparkle, youthful beauty can be restored in 2013 with my Eye M Beautiful package. It includes BOTOX® for wrinkle relaxation, a facial filler, laser resurfacing, and even LATISSE®, a restorative eyelash solution.

With non-surgical cosmetic procedures, you can look more youthful in the New Year, making it one of renewal and change. Consult us to discuss all your options for healthy, beautiful skin for years to come.