New Study Finds Relief For Rosacea Sufferers

A recent study in Dermatology Times remarked that people with Rosacea say the disease can negatively affect their workplace interactions and employment — even to the extent of being denied promotions.  In this survey of 1134 Rosacea patients by the National Rosacea Society, 60 percent of all people responding and 88 percent of those who reported severe symptoms said that the disorder had negatively impacted their workplace interactions.  And among those who reported severe symptoms, 51 percent said they had actually missed work because of their condition. 

Rosacea is a very common disorder resulting in redness and flushing to the face.  Most patients begin with a baseline of increased redness but may experience pronounced flushing when exposed to stimulating agents such as heat, alcohol, or even stress.  And while there is really no cure for Rosacea, the good news is that its symptoms can generally be treated very easily with minimal downtime. 

The initial starting point for treatment of Rosacea is good skincare.  And while effective anti-aging products and ingredients can be used, there should be a focus on gentleness since even the slightest amount of irritation can often produce dramatic flaring in a patient with Rosacea.  For our patients, we individualize a program that is gentle and something that will not irritate their skin long-term.  In addition, we have found good success with the SkinMedica CalmPlex product.  When used for at least 90 days, this topical has shown very good success at taming redness and inflammation with very little downside.  Since it is emollient, we encourage our patients to use a small amount of product and increase up as tolerated. 

In addition to good skincare, one of the staples of treating Rosacea is broadband light therapy.  This procedure (BBL) involves a few treatment sessions but is associated with minimal discomfort and almost no downtime. 

Why am I interested in treating Rosacea?  Because I have Rosacea!  And I have seen impressive improvement of my own facial redness by using SkinMedica CalmPlex and an occasional BBL treatment. 

While there is no actual cure for Rosacea, there are effective ways to treat its symptoms.  We look forward to working with you to achieve a red-free face!  Please call us at our Denver Plastic Surgery office for more information.