The Latest Use of BOTOX Cosmetic

A long time secret from Asia is now becoming increasingly popular in the United States. American women are finding that BOTOX® can be used to soften and shape the appearance of their jawline by reducing size of the master muscle. This broad muscle wraps around the jaw and is activated during normal chewing but can also be triggered by night-time clenching. As such, patients with TMJ often find relief by reducing muscular activity in addition to those women who simply want to reduce the appearance of a heavy jawline.


Because this indication is not FDA approved and an advanced technique, look for an injector skilled in the use of  BOTOX® and with a solid track record of experience.


A recent study by Sydney-based Plastic Surgeon Steven Liew, MD (see photos above) and published in Dermatology Times substantiated the role of BOTOX® in softening the jawline and creating a more feminine appearance. Dr. Liew found that in his study population of 82 patients, effect was often achieved as early as two weeks and in many cases actually lasted upwards of a year.

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