The Most Important Step…is the First Step!

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 2.01.20 PMOne of the things I truly enjoy about my profession is the ability to meet with new people every day and the chance to literally change their lives. For some, these changes are subtle and may involve simply erasing a few lines and wrinkles. While for others, change may involve major surgery to help restore a body to its pre-baby appearance. Whatever the change, this affords me an incredible opportunity to participate in a transformation that is often both external as well as internal.

But for many people, this process can be daunting. Many people I meet are confused as to where they can actually start. And while some are truly interested in major change, the rest are looking for ways to feel better about their appearance but not necessarily affect such a dramatic change that anyone will know exactly what they have even done.

For these people, change can actually be the most difficult because they simply don’t know where to start. In my experience, the most challenging aspect of change on any level is having the insight on where and how to actually begin. To this, I have always found that a simple step in the right direction often begins a dramatic cascade of change and that beginning somewhere…anywhere!…can often create enough inertia to get the process started.

In the case of my own transformation, I knew that I was unhappy with my health and the direction in which it was heading. But I didn’t really know how and where to start making change. And so I began with simple steps. I reduced my alcohol, I began cutting out bad carbs, I completely stopped eating Fast Food, and I hired a trainer. Ok…so these may have been a little more aggressive steps than the average person is ready for, but they worked for me. You need to figure out what works best for you, what you are willing to change, and how fast you are willing to change it. The rest…is history.

I hope this very simple suggestion of starting slowly helps you. It definitely helped me then and has been something that I continue to build upon. Whether you are looking to change your health from the inside or your appearance from the outside, you have to begin somewhere. But, most importantly, you have to just begin.

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Be well!