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A4M-logo-300x296Why this is Important:
For all us no matter our age, our race, or our upbringing we live in a balance between wellness and disease. But the biggest secret is that few of us actually live without disease; we simply don’t display the normal symptoms of it and so we believe that we are healthy when we really are not. And if we actually seek out medical help, it is usually only when we feel sick and when symptoms arise that warn of us impending illness. Until then, we simply live in a state of ignorant bliss and fool ourselves into thinking that we have quality of life when, in reality, we do not.

As a physician, I was trained to treat specific symptoms with specific drugs and to use these drugs to affect a cure. But over the years, I realized that many of these symptoms were manifestations of a much deeper imbalance of our health and that by treating one symptom, I was effectively masking a cough when in reality I should be curing a cold. After years of medical training and over a decade of clinical practice, I began to challenge what I was taught and began seeing medicine in a new light. My impression was that our current vision of the human body was missing the big picture and that as physicians we were actually guiding our patients in the wrong direction. Although disease can arise seemingly from nowhere, I noticed that much of what we were treating with products and procedures could actually be addressed through simple changes in what we eat and how we live. In essence, much of what we were treating as physicians could potentially be prevented in the first place not only sparing our patients from disease but also improving their quality of life along the way. And it is this change in mindset that set me down the path towards Anti-Aging Medicine.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 2.01.20 PMMy Journey:
Let me start by saying that I am far from perfect. I still eat the occasional “bad” food and I probably don’t do everything all the time that I profess. But in reality, living a so-called perfect life is extremely hard and for many of us it takes not only a crazy amount of discipline but also a complete change in how we actually live our lives on a daily basis. But there are ways to begin making changes that will positively impact our health for years to come and these changes do not have to be painful. In fact, once we begin making these changes we often see results far beyond what were ever anticipated. And that was how I started my journey.

In my mid-40’s, I had an epiphany. I awoke one day and simply didn’t like what was starting back at me from the mirror. I didn’t have the energy I once had, I didn’t look like I once did, and I saw someone that was aging far faster than anticipated. And I saw someone who was probably headed towards the typical path of disease along with the standard medications to treat disease and I simply didn’t want to continue along this road. And so I began making changes.

I began changing what I ate, began exercising in a more focused and more effective manner, and began reducing stresses in my life that I could reduce. I tried to address how I was living and revising my lifestyle to undo what I had most likely done by living out the average American lifestyle. And when I did, I gradually noticed that I felt better than I had in years. And people around me actually commented that I was looking healthier than I ever had. And these positive reinforcements kept me going along a more positive and productive path towards Optimal Wellness.

As a Plastic Surgeon, I was trained to diagnose signs of aging and to address them by using the latest products and procedures. But as technology advanced, I began to suspect that simple technological advancements were really not the answer and that the true answer lay in a more basic and fundamental approach to our lifestyle itself. What we do to our bodies on a day-to-day basis lays the groundwork for how our bodies function. Aging itself then is merely a reflection of our successful this management is proceeding. By simply addressing age-related changes alone, I was really missing the big picture. As I saw progress in my own life, I began wanting to share this information with my patients and with those around me. And that is how I became interested in the Anti-Aging movement.

I was blessed to have trained with some of the brightest minds in medicine and at some of the leading centers for medical research in the country. But despite this, I was never educated in proper nutrition or lifestyle; I was simply educated to treat disease. And so in 2012, I enrolled in a formal Anti-Aging Fellowship to determine what it is that I didn’t know and the impact was shocking. For the most part, the mindset of the American Medical System and the American Lifestyle in general is to not fix what isn’t broken and to treat disease only when it appears. But in my new training, I began to realize that our state of health isn’t always so black and white and that the grey areas in between are so often where we can intervene and affect dramatic and positive changes.

What we do and what we eat does have an impact on the quality of our life. And the quality of our life in the long run determines how susceptible we are to disease. As a nation, we live fast, we eat fast, and many of us die fast. But we don’t have to. By making positive changes along the way, we can potentially stave off disease and live a more fulfilling life full of energy, vigor, and positive energy. And in the long run, it’s really not about how long we live it’s how well we live while we live.

883717_10151921513905861_392109913_oThe Process:
Total Body Wellness involves not only an assessment of our health but also a determination of how motivated we are to make the necessary changes to take our health to a higher level. If you are committed to improving your health, I am committed to helping you get there. To achieve success, the process looks something like this.

First, you will be sent an introductory packet that you will complete and email back to me at least 24 hours prior to our initial meeting. This will give me time to process your initial concerns and develop talking points. We then meet face-to-face and formulate a game plan for moving forward. Within a week following our meeting, I will email you a brief summary of this including suggested labs as well as initial supplements which I feel will be helpful. A majority of our clients commonly present with issues linked to improper food choices or gut dysfunction and so a nutritional consultation is generally made at this time, as well, to help complement your new plan for health.

Once your laboratory results are available, I will forward these results to you along with a detailed summary of my assessment as well as associated recommendations. From here, there are a number of additional options that you can choose to guide your health in a more positive direction. These include customized meal plans, customized vitamins, as well as hormonal supplementation to help replace what your body has lost over the years and return you to a more youthful state. The choice at this point is yours. You can be as involved as you’d like or you can return to your previous state of health but with more information. My hope is that you’ll choice the first option.

Over the course of the year, I will meet with you on quarterly basis either in person or by electronic means. Many of our clients are busy professionals who simply don’t have the time to come to my office and who see the advantage of a Skype or FaceTime follow-up. These appointments are quick and painless and can help you avoid the hassle of rush-hour traffic with little intrusion into your daily schedule.

I am excited to assist you in seeing what you’ve been missing all these years and to help you take your life in a new and very positive direction. Once our clients begin the process, they see the tremendous amount of value-added benefits in this type of program as compared to the conventional yearly (or rarely) doctor’s visit that they’ve become accustomed to. We don’t intend to replace your primary physician; we just hope that we can keep you healthy enough that you don’t need to see him as frequently.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. By doing so, you have already begun the journey towards optimal wellness and a life filled with energy, vitality, and youth. If you have any questions, we always look forward to hearing from you.

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