Trends & Truths of Breast Augmentation

Getting a breast augmentation is about one thing: helping you become happier with your breasts. From start to finish, the BEAUTY By BUFORD standard puts your goals at the forefront of your surgery, so you leave our office feeling happy and confident.

If you’re considering this procedure, you’re in the right place. Dr. Buford is a nationally-recognized expert who has been in the breast enhancement business for over 20 years. As the author of The Boob Job Bible (which you can download here!) with a total of 6,000 surgeries under his belt, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Keep reading to learn about the trends and truths of breast augmentation!

Breast Augmentation Trends

Rounding out the year in cosmetic surgery has made it glaringly obvious that more and more women are looking for more natural alterations to their cup size. Rather than making a leap from size A to size D, it’s becoming increasingly more popular to make a gradual shift in size that feels more comfortable and looks less dramatic. Here are a few ways BEAUTY By BUFORD can help you achieve this look:

Silicone Implants

Dr. Buford recommends choosing silicone implants over saline for one distinct reason: silicone looks, feels, and moves more naturally than saline implants, and the results are far closer to the look and feel of your natural breasts. The gel consistency feels almost exactly like natural breast tissue, and most patients can’t even tell the difference between the two. Not to mention, silicone is lighter than saline, so these implants are much more comfortable.

Natural Implants

As the field of cosmetic surgery improves, Dr. Buford can focus more on crafting natural looks that enhance body image without changing it entirely. Enter natural breast implants. This form of breast augmentation transfers fat deposits from one part of the body to the breasts to give a smaller, subtler cup-size boost.

Breast Augmentation Truths

Getting a breast augmentation is an exciting decision that will boost your self-confidence and body image. Stay true to yourself and your ideal self-image by following these tips.

Choose a Proportionate Cup Size

It’s a common misconception that bigger is better when it comes to getting a boob job, but as more women shift toward a natural look, this myth is fading out. Dr. Buford says sizing is an art, not an exact science. There are many subtle nuances that help determine which implant size is right for you, but overall, keeping your body proportions in mind will give you the best results possible.

Make Sure Your Augmentation is for You, Not for Someone Else

Sometimes, patients feel swayed by social media impressions or their partner’s preferences to get a breast augmentation, but it’s important to avoid this. You should only choose to get cosmetic surgery if it’s what you want for your own self-image. Otherwise, you may not be happy with the long-term results, and it’s our goal to ensure you are happy with how you look, whether you get a breast augmentation or not.

Trust the Experts at BEAUTY By BUFORD

When you choose BEAUTY By BUFORD , you choose expert results. Dr. Buford has performed over 6,000 breast enhancement surgeries and is nationally recognized for his expertise. If you’re looking to get a breast augmentation, look no further! Schedule your consultation in Lone Tree today!