Vogue Says Micro-Treatments are the New Facelifts…and We Agree!

Getting older can be the pits, a fact most of us can agree on. Jancee Dunn, a writer for Vogue, recently dedicated an article to her personal struggles with “middle-age resting face”—and her words are relatable.

“My interior age has, for longer than I can remember, hovered around 30. On the outside, however, I recently turned 50, a number that still surprises me when I say it aloud. Similarly, when I catch an unexpected glimpse of my face, for a few unreal seconds, I often do not recognize myself—a jarring sensation the French call a coup de vieux.”

Jancee Dunn, Vogue Writer

But what can you do? At-home products may no longer cut it, but is plastic surgery the only option for truly noticeable improvement? What I know, and what Miss Dunn found out, was that a facelift (or other invasive procedure) is no longer always needed if you want to look more youthful.

Advances in minimally invasive technology give patients more options—and natural-looking results

The world of cosmetic medicine has changed dramatically over the last decade. New techniques and improved technology mean we can offer patients more and more options that yield gorgeous results without the cost, downtime, or discomfort of surgery.

“Gravity finds us all, no matter how many green drinks you tip back or how diligently you hit the gym. My face has sunken in places and drooped in others. One of the many consequences of what I’ll call middle-age resting face is that I’ll look irritated when I’m in a perfectly sunny mood.”

Jancee Dunn

Despite promises of no downtime and a great outcome, Jancee still had a few reservations about having any “work” done. She wanted to avoid the unnatural look, but she was also worried that subtle tweaks over time would eventually make her look unrecognizable. Her chosen physician put her mind at ease with a multi-step treatment protocol lasting around a year—and two weeks after her first session, Jancee knew she was going down the right path. Now the reflection shining back had a more youthful, radiant glow.

How I approach micro-treatments at my practice

Hint: the key is balancing innovative solutions with patient-focused care

Here at BEAUTY by BUFORD, we are committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology with verifiable results. But anti-aging medicine is not one-size-fits-all; my superb team and I work closely with every patient to design a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and desires.

While a majority of aesthetic medical providers are offering single-option treatments, there is a growing trend among more progressive providers to look at combination approaches that are more synergistic and potentially offer greater bang for the buck.

For my patients who are hoping to offset, or even eliminate, the need for more dramatic intervention in the future, I usually recommend a combination of treatments that target different concerns. When you come in for a consult, expect to hear about a few of these solutions (and more!) as part of your treatment protocol:

Now you can see why I loved reading Jancee Dunn’s Vogue piece and highly encourage you to check it out too. You can find the full article here.