What Factors Slow Breast Aging?

What factors actually lead to beautiful breasts and which do not?  This question was posed in a recent study at Case Western University where twins were compared and rated on the apparent beauty of their breasts.  In doing so, lifestyle factors were evaluated to determine which specific factors apparently contributed to a more youthful breast appearance.

Of the variables studied, the author determined that two factors contributing positively included daily moisturizing and hormone replacement therapy.  The other factor, which should surprise you, was whether or not the person breastfed their children.  This factor was probably the most surprising.  Breastfeeding actually led to more attractive breasts.

Factors that contributed negatively included smoking, drinking, multiple pregnancies, higher body mass index (BMI), and a larger cup size.

While there were very few surprises, the fact that breastfeeding was actually a positive variable did surprise both the lead researcher as well as other Plastic Surgeons such as myself.

So, to keep your breasts looking as youthful as possible, what can you actually do?  Apparently, the key to success lies in the following:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t drink (or drink moderately)
  • Moisturize
  • Breastfeed (if you get pregnant)

Other suggestions I would add include applying topicals such as Retin-A and TNS to your décolleté area to create more global rejuvenation.  Also, consider the use of light chemical peels or laser resurfacing to this area to remove brown spots and redness and improve the overall tone and texture.

And if that doesn’t work, give us a call at BEAUTY by BUFORD and we can discuss various other surgical as well as non-surgical options to keep you looking even more beautiful!

To read more about this recent study, please CLICK HERE.