883717_10151921513905861_392109913_oAs a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I was trained during my Residency and Fellowship to provide my patients with the most effective technology to help them achieve their body contouring goals.  And since this time, I have done everything possible to stay up to date on the most current advances in body contouring through continuing education as well as frequent communication with my Plastic Surgery peers across the country. But over the years, I kept feeling as if there was something missing.  I knew that technology was improving but I just wasn’t satisfied with the overall approach.  I really felt as if we were putting a band-aid on a problem and ignoring the underlying lifestyle issues that were at the root of the problem. And so I changed my approach.  Out of my frustration was borne the RESPONSIBLE CONTOURING project.  This completely new paradigm looked at the patient as a whole and examined not only why these issues had developed but also how to best address them as well as optimize them in the years to come. I recently had the opportunity to share this new program with Doctor’s of the USA Podcast.  I invite you to listen in as I describe not only how this program works but also the steps that led to my development of this new and exciting approach.

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I hope this information is helpful!  I will be presenting this new approach to Body Contouring at one of the largest upcoming meetings of Aesthetic Physicians in the nation.  My goal is that this approach changes the paradigm and that it becomes the way that we all treat patients in the future. Stay tuned for more great things.  To speak with one of my amazing staff, please feel free to call us at 303.747.6719 or email me directly at [email protected] We look forward to working with you!