What is Symmastia and How Can I Fix It?

883717_10151921513905861_392109913_oAs a Plastic Surgeon who specializes in secondary breast surgeries, I see a tremendous amount of goofs and botched results that, unfortunately, many women simply choose to live with because many of them don’t realize that there is something that can be done.  One of the more challenging cases that I see involves a condition called “symmastia” (or “bread loafing”) that occurs when both implants extend too far into the center of the chest and, in extreme cases, actually touch.  When this happens, this creates the appearance of the dreaded “uni-boob” and a look that is definitely not something that anyone would care to have.

While symmastia can be treated, treating it can be challenging.  And this treatment should be left to the hands of a Plastic Surgeon with a tremendous amount of experience in revisionary breast enhancement surgeries.

Today’s brief video talks not only about the reasons for symmastia but also how it can be treated.  I’ve personally operated on two such cases in the last few weeks and will be posting results in the coming months as the tissue settles into place.  Stay tuned!

But for now, I encourage you to check out this quick video to learn more about the origin of symmastia and how I fix it.


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