What To Expect During Your Breast Augmentation

Have you been feeling insecure about your breasts lately, for whatever reason? Or have you been inspired to switch it up by seeing celebrity transformations, influencer breast augmentation vlogs, or relatable plastic surgeons on TikTok who make cosmetic surgery seem less intimidating? BEAUTY by BUFORD is happy to help you feel confident in your body—that’s what we’re here for! You could say it’s what we live for! Before we dive into what to expect for your breast augmentation, we suggest first checking out our blog, “Denver’s Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation,” then picking up here.

The Consultation

Kicking off your breast augmentation is a comprehensive, no-pressure consultation with our board-certified Dr. Buford. This meeting is when you lay everything out—what you want, your medical history, your expectations, and all your questions. Dr. Buford is all ears and all answers, guaranteeing you can make educated decisions and that your goals are at the forefront of the planning process. Together, you’ll also explore fat transfer breast augmentations and implant types and sizes to nail down the perfect match for your body shape and lifestyle.

The consultation will also include a discussion about the surgical techniques, anesthesia, what you can expect for results and recovery, and any potential risks of surgery.

By the end of your appointment, you’ll have a clear picture of your breast augmentation plan, designed to achieve natural-looking results that enhance your body confidence and a connection with Dr. Buford that will incite trust and excitement for the procedure. 


Getting ready for your breast augmentation is a bit like prepping for the Oscars (with much less stress); it starts weeks before the actual day. 

This stage of the process isn’t only dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, and checking boxes on paperwork. Think of pre-procedure preparation as when your boss gives you guidelines to complete a project; if you don’t follow the instructions, you might not succeed. You’ve got to take the planning seriously for a more pleasant and successful experience.

Thorough pre-procedure medical assessments help Dr. Buford tailor the surgical process to your health profile, minimizing risks and maximizing results. This is when we’ll learn things that are important to know before you go under the knife! For example, you might need to quit smoking or adjust your current medications, as they may interfere with the surgery and recovery process. Or you might not be healthy enough to undergo surgery at all. 

And don’t worry about the pain or the recovery process; we’ll also cover pain management and post-operative instructions, such as planning a ride to and from surgery. We cannot have you stressed after your surgery! 

By following your carefully created pre-procedure game plan, you’re setting the stage for a successful breast augmentation and a smoother, quicker recovery.

What To Expect During Your Breast Augmentation

The Day Of Surgery

Before we get into the post-procedure/recovery stuff, let’s go over what you can expect on the day of surgery, including the surgery itself! 

The big day is here, and you’re all excited. The first thing you need to do is pick out your comfiest outfit. Don’t worry about aesthetics; you’re gonna want something easy to slip on and off, we promise. After the surgery, you’ll be sore and won’t want to wrestle with tight or complicated clothing. Think cozy sweatpants, a zip-up hoodie, or pajamas—comfort is key.

You need to arrive at least one hour before your scheduled surgery time to complete some final paperwork, meet our board-certified anesthesiologist, and have some final measurements taken. 

Now, after the anesthesiologist helps you sleep, Dr. Buford will perform your breast surgery. Here’s a general play-by-play of what will happen while you’re under the anesthia:

  • Dr. Buford will place the incisions based on your body and implant choice, aiming for minimal visibility.
  • Then, he will use an intercostal nerve block injection to numb the breasts.
  • Next, he will insert either a silicone implant, saline implant, or body fat from another part of your body.
  • Once the breast implants are in place, you’re going to be stitched up and rest for a few hours in a post-op room.
  • Our team will discharge you when the anesthesia wears off.


After surgery, you will need someone to drive you home, and you will need someone to help you for a few days following. If losing some independence for a few days sounds intimidating, don’t let it scare you. It’s only temporary, and recovery after a breast augmentation is all about relaxing and allowing the body to heal using its exceptional “magical” abilities. To help you plan accordingly and feel less worried about the unknown after surgery, below is a summary of the details Dr. Buford will discuss with you about the breast augmentation recovery process.

  • In the first 24 hours:
    • Expect some swelling and bruises. You might also experience soreness, fatigue, nausea, tightness in your chest, and oversensitivity or a loss of sensitivity in the breasts. 
    • It is important to take your medication as prescribed to manage pain.
  • After about a week:
    • You should be able to return to your routine, but don’t do anything with Dr. Buford’s explicit all-clear. You don’t want to assume you’re okay and make things worse!
    • Avoid strenuous activities, including lifting your arms over your head. Doing too much will cause avoidable complications like irritation, bleeding, and discomfort.
    • Remember to massage the breast tissue to help with swelling and relax the muscles.
  • After 3-4 weeks:
    • By this time, you should feel little to no discomfort or pain. Yay! You’re almost fully healed!
    • You might still have some bruises hanging around, but they should be significantly reduced by now. 
    • Now is when Dr. Buford might permit you to do LIGHT exercises. Don’t go lifting weights or hiking a mountain. We know you might want to show off your new look by going on adventures, but you’ve got to prioritize your health and safety.
    • Continue wearing your post-operative or front-closing bras. You’ll have plenty of time for fancy bras after you heal!

Around four to six weeks after surgery, most patients are fully healed and can participate 100% in their regular routine. You’ll have a final appointment with Dr. Buford to discuss any concerns you may have and get his go-ahead to remove any lifestyle restrictions.

What To Expect During Your Breast Augmentation

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