Why do we Hate Cosmetic Surgery so Much?

botox photosI came across a great article this week that I wanted to share with you. This article discusses one viewpoint, but a viewpoint that comes from a very vocal sector of the population. And this viewpoint is that Cosmetic Surgery is bad.

So why do we dislike Cosmetic Surgery so much? The article goes into great depth explaining some of the potential reasons for not liking both the procedures as well as the people who undergo them but also explains at the end that these positions are probably not as accurate as we think. Are cosmetic surgery patients really as shallow as we think? According to the authors, probably not. Instead, they are simply people like you and me who simply feel that there is a tangible way that they can achieve the look they want safely and effectively and that this new look may better portray on the outside how they feel on the inside. A good example of this is the Mommy Makeover (or “Before Baby Body”) procedure that is a staple of my practice. I see a number of young moms every week who simply are not happy with their breasts or their tummy or both and want to do something about it. These are not vain moms but simply moms who are still young and don’t feel that they look on the outside how they feel on the inside. They still want to dress us and wear the clothing that they could before their kids but the clothes may not fit the same now and they simply want to change that.

One point that I would is that Cosmetic Surgery when performed by an experienced and well-trained Plastic Surgeon actually shouldn’t look like Cosmetic Surgery…it should look natural. And that is also probably why Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery has gotten such a black eye in the past few years. We are continually being bombarded with pictures of celebrities after they have undergone procedures that did not make them look good. And these same pictures seen over and over seem to paint a picture that Cosmetic Surgery is fake and that people who undergo it are the same. But having worked with literally thousands of patients over the last decade and more, I have seen quite the opposite. While there are certainly people undergoing Cosmetic Surgery for the wrong reason, there are many more undergoing it for the right reason. My responsibility is to not only determine what is appropriate for my patients but also why they are interested in the first place. When the right procedure is performed for the right patient for the right reason, the chance of success is very high.

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