Why do we Recommend Combination Therapy for your Skin?

framesEver wonder why your Plastic Surgeon usually recommends more than one product or procedure to help you smooth those lines and wrinkles? Is he trying to charge you more and up your bill or is there something less sinister in his efforts? In most cases, the answer is that he actually looking out for your best interests and is using an approach that is much more effective.

I almost always suggest a Combination Approach when addressing Facial Rejuvenation and find that my patients benefit from this synergy far more than when I recommend a single product or procedure.

For example, consider my average client. This person is usually a mid to late-30’s woman who has noticed the beginning of fine lines and wrinkles in addition to a brown spot here and there and some sallowness to her skin. She doesn’t really want a dramatic change to her appearance; she just feels that she doesn’t look as youthful as she once did and she wants to know what she can do about it. She feels young and now she wants to look young!

This type of patient is perfect for combination therapy. And although she may be coming in just for BOTOX, I will make sure to talk about a more comprehensive approach to facial aging that will help her achieve more global and long-lasting improvement.

I start with Medical Skin Care. Anyone who lives in Colorado should be using a good skincare line. Over the counter products generally contain very few active ingredients and often function as no more than a good moisturizer. That’s fine if you’re living in a humid climate and you’re a teenager, but when you live in the dryness of Colorado and you’re over 30, you really need to nourish your skin and protect it from further damage. To do so, you need ingredients that go far beyond moisturizers and you need result-backed and science-backed products that will live up to their claims. Medical skincare products address facial aging on a more global basis and add a solid foundation to your facial rejuvenation program.

For more localized aging, I utilize facial injectables. For fine lines and wrinkles, BOTOX is a great way to not only soften what is already there but also to prevent new ones from forming. For lost volume in the cheeks, lower jawline, and around the mouth, I like the Juvederm family (Juvederm Ultra / Ultra Plus / Voluma). These hyaluronic acid-based fillers not only give very smooth and natural results but also can be dissolved and removed if needed. And when injected by an experienced and well-trained medical profession, there is little to no downtime and almost no discomfort.

Finally, I incorporate another element that most Plastic Surgeons never think about—Nutrition! The appearance of your skin is a direct reflection of your inner health and so it only stands to reason that what you eat is going to affect your skin! And it does! So the next time you decide to skip that healthy lunch and go for the fast food counter, think again. Once in awhile this will probably not kill you but it definitely won’t help you either.

IMG_0955-smallerDRI hope this information has been helpful and appreciate your continued support! To learn more about good skin health and how you can look your very best, simply email me at d[email protected] or call us at 303.747.6719

Thanks again! We look forward to hearing from you.