You need SkinMedica TNS. It Really Works!

The skin care market is literally flooded with products—many of them touting seemingly magical abilities that will not only reverse age-related changes but also literally keep you from aging.  While there is no product that will actually stop the aging process, there is one that will at least slow it down.  And that product is TNS from SkinMedica.

When I was first introduced to TNS several years ago, my initial impression (and very common impression) was that it smelled like bacon.  Why in the world would I want to put this stuff on my face?  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy bacon but the mere thought of smelling like a BLT didn’t exactly inspire me to adopt this product.  My aesthetician explained that this very unique smell was actually the growth factors and promised that this unique odor would quickly pass.  And she was right.  After a few minutes, there was no scent at all.

But the most amazing thing was the reaction I began receiving from not only my patients, but of all things, my male friends.  Let’s get one thing straight; my friends never notice anything especially on a guy.  For them to compliment my skin was pretty remarkable; at first a little comfortable…but definitely remarkable.

Since then, I have been a sworn advocate of TNS.  I use it twice daily and my skin has never looked better.  Looking at pictures from several years ago, at 45 years old my skin has never looked better.  I have occasional chemical peels but have never undergone laser resurfacing and, for my age and for the amount of sun exposure that I used to try and completely destroy my skin at a young age, I look pretty good (at least that is what my aesthetician, Lisa Haigh, tells me).

So what is TNS and how does it work?  The workhorse of TNS and the primary reason that it is so effective is its main active ingredient:  a proprietary blend of growth factors.  These growth factors not only stimulate regeneration of your skin but also maintain it in a more optimal state.  TNS was first released alone as a stand-alone product.  I recommend this (TNS Recovery Complex) to all my patients following any procedure that either resurfaces their skin or leaves behind a scar.   I do so for a very selfish reason; I want my scars and my patients to look better than patients of any other practice.  TNS is my secret weapon!

To give you an idea of just how effective it is, a good friend of mine recently had a mishap in which she struck the bottom of a pool with her face.  And it gets better…she has skin of color.  So start with a very nasty open wound and add the potential for long-term pigmentary changes and you have a setup for disaster.  She called me the next day, told me what had happened, and asked for advice.  I immediately suggested that she begin applying TNS to the open wound twice daily and keep her face out of the sun.  And the results?  You be the judge!  Below are her before & after photos after only 3 days of applying SkinMedica TNS Recovery Serum.  Now before you start criticizing me on the fact that these are not standardized, I agree with you.  These are not, these are sent from a friend.  But I believe they demonstrate the true regenerative capacity of this amazing topical.

Wow!  I was pretty impressed.  The plan is to keep her on this for the next few months to help optimize the healing process and keep the area as unnoticeable as possible in the long run.

We would love to tell you more about this amazing product and just how it fits into our medical skin care rejuvenation program.  To learn more, please call me, my team, or my amazing aesthetician at BEAUTY by BUFORD .  You will be glad you did!