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Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO

Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO is a Denver-based board-certified plastic surgeon and founding Medical Director of BEAUTY by BUFORD.

He’s the lead author of the plastic surgery practice management text Beauty and the Business, which was released in January 2010. Dr. Buford also authored Eat, Drink, Heal: The Art and Science of Surgical Nutrition, published in 2016, and The Boob Job Bible: Your Ultimate Guide to Breast Surgery. He also compiled the e-book Girlfriend's Guide to the Vagina.

Dr. Buford operates a thriving plastic surgery practice dedicated to providing safe, innovative, and comprehensive cosmetic care to men and women all over the country. With a focus on total wellness and optimal healing, Dr. Buford treats underlying concerns to provide long-lasting results safely. Time away from his practice is spent writing, cooking, practicing photography, collecting art and antiques, and enjoying Colorado’s abundant outdoor pastimes.

The Boob Job Bible Cover

The Boob Job Bible: Your Ultimate Guide to Breast Surgery

Have you thought about breast implants, read everything online, but still wonder what people aren’t telling you?

If you’re ready to learn what it’s really like to get breast enhancement—from surgery to recovery and beyond—Dr. Buford wrote The Boob Job Bible for you.

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Eat, Drink, Heal

Eat, Drink, Heal: The Art and Science of Surgical Nutrition

Dr. Buford's second book, Eat Drink Heal, is focused on surgical nutrition for optimal healing that will help both doctors and patients alike. Already receiving acclaim from fellow physicians, Eat, Drink, Heal is not your average diet book—and Dr. Buford hopes it can help empower patients to be proactive in their health and healing.

With contributions from certified nutritionist John Friedstein, Eat, Drink, Heal offers up specific plans so patients can make smart nutritional decisions to optimize healing after surgery.

Highlights include “Hacking Your Healing: Optimizing the Mind-Body Connection“ and detailed instructions on choosing the right macronutrients, micronutrients, and supplements to support your system both before and after surgery.

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Excerpt from Eat, Drink, Heal:

“Imagine a racetrack. Cars are ready to enter. Before they do, they are checked from head to toe—engines scrutinized for the smallest defect or deficiency, and all factors considered for the drive ahead. No driver would ever enter his car without this check, knowing that any missed item, any single problem, no matter how small, could mean the difference between not only winning and losing but also his exiting the car in one piece.

“Now, imagine your operation. Every move of your surgeon’s hand is calculated and precise, every action intentional. You lie supine on the operating table, your body awaiting the first incision. When the surgery is over, you are taken to the recovery room, where the real journey begins—the journey of healing.

What will set the stage for success or for failure has, in many ways, already been decided as a result of actions taken or not taken before you even entered the operating room.

“You were prepared. Knowing that after surgery, your body would be sent into metabolic overdrive, you prepared by eating healthy, balanced meals in the weeks before and supplemented with essential micronutrients necessary for optimal healing. You knew what was necessary. You prepared and were ready for what lay ahead.

“As the weeks pass after surgery, your energy levels rapidly improve, your incisions heal without problems, and you eventually return to your normal life. Your decision to proactively prepare made all the difference in the world, but you are an exception; this is not what normally happens.”

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Review for Eat, Drink, Heal:

"Dr. Buford, a renowned plastic surgeon, addresses a subject which has largely gone ignored in western medicine. Educating patients in regards to nutrition is integral in both general health and post-operative healing. In our quick fix society dominated by reality television, the public is often misled into believing surgery is a fast way to improve health or appearance.

In true reality, health starts with knowledge of a healthy diet and exercise. Dr. Buford provides an excellent foundation for explaining the important benefits of nutrition to optimize post-operative healing. He is comprehensive in his coverage of the subject, but masterfully simplifies the vast information to make it easy to understand.

As a fellow surgeon I believe he has bridged an important gap to empower patients and allow them to achieve their best health and surgical results. I feel this is a must read for patients and surgeons alike."

John P. Fezza, M.D. Oculoplastic Surgeon Sarasota, Florida

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Beauty by Buford

Beauty and the Business

Published in January 2010, Beauty and the Business was inspired by a number of both medical and non-medical businesses from across the United States and focuses on the key components critical to a practice focused on not only top-notch surgical results but also on the aim of delivering a quality customer experience.

Authors Gregory Buford, MD, and Steven House present a framework for the highly successful, profitable business and incorporate long-standing essentials to customer satisfaction and connect them through the technologies and culture of today’s buyers who use the internet and social networking to make their purchasing decisions.

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Excerpt from Beauty and the Business:

"Years ago, for many Americans, coffee was considered to be a simple delivery instrument for caffeine. That idea was inexorably altered with the explosive growth of Starbucks. This Seattle-based company took a common drink and built an entire culture of experience around it.

Clients do not simply purchase coffee from Starbucks; they buy into the distinctive look of the surroundings, the cheeriness of the barista behind the counter, and the variety of the essence, the experience.

“In much the same way, successful medical practices are quickly realizing that they have a lot to learn from the Starbucks experience. If you think that aesthetic clients are looking only for the best results, you are sadly mistaken.

While clients seek certain outcomes, they are also seeking an experience. Clients know coming into your practice means they are going to spend a significant amount of money but they are willing to do so for the positive changes you will help them achieve as well as the environment they will find within your office.

It is different than going to a traditional medical office setting to be treated for an upper respiratory infection because in our case the client is paying the entire bill with no assistance from insurance [...] Rewarding them with a sterile medical experience will certainly not win you the business you seek.”

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Review for Beauty and the Business:

"Dr. Buford's book generously shares invaluable and practical pearls he learned on his path toward the establishment of a highly successful plastic surgery practice. I found the information to be well written, ethical and transferable not only to the beauty business, but to living life with credibility.

In the dog-eat-dog world of the beauty industry, Dr. Buford guides the reader's focus away from competition toward quality services and solving client problems to drive success. However, he does not ignore marketing issues necessary in growing a solid business. Kudos to Dr. Buford for combining his adeptness in the areas of plastic surgery and journalism."

Suzan Page, B.S.N., C.L.S.

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Dr. Buford's Education

As a graduate of the Baker/Stuzin/Baker Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in Miami, Dr. Buford is one of the few cosmetic plastic surgeons in the Rocky Mountain Region to have completed formal post-graduate training.

Dr. Buford holds higher degrees from the Georgetown University School of Medicine and the University of California, San Diego, where he received his major in Literature with an emphasis on writing.

  • Board Certified ~ American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Fellow ~ American College of Surgeons
  • Plastic Surgery Residency ~ Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship ~ Plastic Surgery Associates
  • General Surgery Residency ~ Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Doctor of Medicine Degree ~ Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree ~ University of California, San Diego
  • Honorary Fellow ~ UCSD Revelle College

Awards, Media, & Recognitions

Dr. Buford has been a featured expert on numerous television talk shows, plastic surgery websites, books, magazines, and newspapers. He has published several medical white papers on plastic surgery and is a premier expert trainer in the industry.

He boasts a long list of accolades and accreditations, including features in Vogue Magazine,,, Plastic Surgery Advisor, FOX television affiliates,, and as a respected industry resource for professional advice and training on plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine.

As an adviser to the financial industry, he is a highly-respected, top-tier consultant to Gerson Lehrman Group on issues related to current and predicted future trends within the field of aesthetic medicine. In 2006, the Consumers’ Research Council of America named him one of “America’s Top Surgeons.”

Dr. Buford is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant to Lumenis, in addition to acting as co-director for the only Colorado-based National Training Center for Encore Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. Because of his extensive background, he currently participates on a number of advisory councils for organizations such as MENTOR Worldwide Corporation and Allergan, Inc. Dr. Buford is also a designated Allergan Master Facial Injectables Trainer.

Dr. Buford is an active participant in a number of non-profits and former member of the CultureHaus Board of Directors, Ballet Nouveau Colorado Board of Trustees, as well as an alumni member of the Denver Active 20/30 Children’s Foundation.