How can I reduce the size of my nipples?

Believe it or not, one of the more common questions we are asked is how to reduce nipple size.  Many of the patients I see have had kids and may or may not have breastfed.  Because of changes associated with pregnancy, they are often left with nipples that droop and hang and may be larger than they ever were before they became pregnant.

nipple-reduction-01In many cases, simply adding a breast implant to replace lost volume does not create the most optimal result or the best size relationship between your breasts and your nipples.  And even though the new Inspira implants can help boost upper pole volume and create a more youthful result, nipples that hang detract from this result.  And so the question is how to reduce the size and potentially the symmetry.

nipple-reduction-02In the past, I used a technique involving an incision at the base of the nipple.  A strip of tissue was excised, the nipple pulled down and sutured, and the vertical height was reduced.  But the problem is that the nipple often didn’t tuck in as nicely as I wanted it and this left the patient with a small (though barely noticeable) incision.  So I looked for a better option…and I found it.

A little over a year ago, I completely changed how I reduce nipple height.  Instead of reducing nipple height with a nipple-base incision, I now remove tissue from the top of the nipple.  This allows me to more precisely control nipple height.  This creates a result that is literally scarless.  I also use cautery to shape the nipples to match each other better and create far more symmetry than ever before.  Feedback from patients has been very positive and all have reported very little to no associated discomfort after surgery.  The nipple is covered with Dermabond (surgical “super-glue”) which falls off a few weeks later and acts as a temporary dressing .  Until it falls off, the site can be washed normally and patted dry with ZERO maintenance and ZERO aftercare.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your breasts, keep in mind that the best result is often the one that considers not only the big details but also the small ones.  Over the years, I have made a number of changes to the way in which I perform not only primary but also secondary breast enhancement surgeries and feel that these changes keep improving patient outcomes.

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