Rediscover Harmony With Your Body

At BEAUTY by BUFORD, we understand that comfort and confidence go hand in hand. Dr. Gregory Buford specializes in areola reduction and revision procedures so you can rediscover harmony with your body.

Areola Reduction & Revision

Areola reduction and revision procedures aim to restore balance and symmetry to your areolas, enhancing your natural beauty and confidence.

Whether you want a decrease in size, an overall reshaping, or a correction of asymmetry, these procedures at our Lone Tree office can help you feel more comfortable and self-assured in your own skin.

Types of Areola Reductions & Revisions

Dr. Buford uses different reduction and revision procedures to get you the desired results and may include the following options.


Circular Areola Reduction

If you want to decrease the size of your areolas, Dr. Buford can remove excess tissue along the outer edges of your areolas. This results in a more proportionate and pleasing appearance.


Donut Areola Reduction

Donut areola reduction, or periareolar reduction, focuses on reducing the diameter of the areolas. This method maintains a pleasing shape and a more proportionate size. Dr. Buford will make an incision around the outer edge of the areola to remove excess tissue.

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How Areola Reduction & Revision Works

Dr. Buford customizes treatment plans to meet your individual needs. He'll help you get natural-looking results that enhance your body contours and boost your self-esteem.

BEAUTY by BUFORD can help you get the body shape you desire using advanced techniques and expert care. Dr. Buford's innovative approaches ensure precise results and a look you'll love.

We'll guide you through the areola reduction and revision journey and help you make an informed decision. Every step of your treatment will help you feel comfortable and confident.

Customized Treatment Plans

Dr. Buford takes a personalized approach to areola reduction and revision. During your consultation, he will:

  • Evaluate your concerns
  • Discuss your goals
  • Customize your treatment plan

Dr. Buford considers factors like areola size, shape, symmetry, and body proportions to create your plan. This guarantees results that look natural with your physique.


The Surgical Experience

Dr. Buford performs areola reduction and revision surgery under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. This keeps you comfortable and safe during your procedure.

Dr. Buford and his skilled surgical follow your treatment plan to reshape your areolas to be more symmetrical with your body.

The Benefits of Areola Reduction & Revision

Discover the remarkable benefits that areola reduction and revision can bring to your life. You'll get better confidence and renewed self-assurance to feel better than ever.


Enhanced Body Contours

Areola reduction and revision enhance body contours for a balanced and proportionate appearance. By addressing areola size and shape concerns, you'll get the silhouette you desire.


Improved Clothing Options

With reduced and properly shaped areolas, you can confidently wear a wider range of clothing styles. Say goodbye to self-consciousness and hello to diverse wardrobe options that reflect your personality and style.

Is an Areola Reduction or Revision Right for You?

Making an informed decision about areola reduction and revision surgery is crucial. There are several things to consider before getting started.


Personalized Consultation

The first step is meeting with an expert. During your consultation with Dr. Buford, he'll assess your concerns, discuss your goals, and review your medical history.

This thorough evaluation helps determine if areola reduction or revision surgery is the best option for you.


Realistic Expectations

Having realistic expectations is vital when considering areola reduction or revision surgery. Dr. Buford will explain the procedure, potential outcomes, and any associated risks, empowering you to make an informed decision aligned with your expectations.


Qualifying Criteria

Good candidates for areola surgery often have concerns about areola size, shape, or asymmetry. During your consultation, Dr. Buford will assess your case and decide if this is the treatment for you.

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Feel Confident With Your Body

At BEAUTY by BUFORD, we believe everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their skin. Areola reduction and revision procedures offer personalized solutions for natural-looking results that fit your body contours.

Trust the expertise of Dr. Buford to guide you through your areola reduction or revision surgery. Schedule your consultation today at our Lone Tree office and take your first steps towards renewed confidence and self-assurance.