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The Newest Book By Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO

Authors Gregory Buford, MD, and Steven House are giving you a framework to create a highly successful, profitable business.

By incorporating long-standing essentials to customer satisfaction and connecting them through modern technologies and culture, Beauty and the Business helps you optimize for today’s buyers who use the internet and social networking to make their purchasing decisions.

Revolutionize Your Practice With Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO

Excerpt from Beauty & the Business:

“Years ago, for many Americans, coffee was considered to be a simple delivery instrument for caffeine. That idea was inexorably altered with the explosive growth of Starbucks. This Seattle-based company took a common drink and built an entire culture of experience around it. Clients do not simply purchase coffee from Starbucks; they buy into the distinctive look of the surroundings, the cheeriness of the barista behind the counter, and the variety of the menu…in essence, the experience.

In much the same way, successful medical practices are quickly realizing that they have a lot to learn from the Starbucks experience.

If you think that aesthetic clients are looking only for the best results, you are sadly mistaken. While clients seek certain outcomes, they are also seeking an experience. Clients know coming into your practice means they are going to spend a significant amount of money but they are willing to do so for the positive changes you will help them achieve as well as the environment they will find within your office. It is different than going to a traditional medical office setting to be treated for an upper respiratory infection because in our case the client is paying the entire bill with no assistance from insurance […] Rewarding them with a sterile medical experience will certainly not win you the business you seek.”

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Praise for Beauty & the Business

“Dr. Buford’s book generously shares invaluable and practical pearls he learned on his path toward establishing a highly successful plastic surgery practice. I found the information to be well-written, ethical, and transferable to the beauty business and living life with credibility.

In the dog-eat-dog world of the beauty industry, Dr. Buford guides the reader’s focus away from competition toward quality services and solving client problems to drive success. However, he does not ignore marketing issues necessary for a solid business. Kudos to Dr. Buford for combining his adeptness in plastic surgery and journalism.”

—Suzan Page, B.S.N., C.L.S.
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