This supplement company thinks you’re an idiot!

883717_10151921513905861_392109913_oA recent article on Dr. Yoni Freedhoff’s blog Weighty Matters exposed the type of pseudoscience that marketers (and especially multi-level marketers) such as Arbonne are practicing to get you to buy their products.  Unlike companies within the medical space which must pass rigorous standards and are scrutinized continuously by the FDA, these companies have little to no oversight and can literally publish anything they want and make any claims that they feel like.  Disgusting?  Yes.  But the sad and simple fact is that it is going on and very little is being done to stop it.

This article talked about a “study” put forth by Arbonne claiming support for their Phytosport line of nutritional supplements.  According to the company and provided in small print, these accolades was culled from,”Data based on consumer perception after a 60 day home-use trial of PhystoSport products by 25 Arbonne Independent Consultants, Arbonne employees, and friends.”  According to Dr. Freedhoff,

“…basically Arbonne, referred to by many as a multi-level marketing scheme, asked its own salespeople, employees and friends about the very products they were trying to sell, and then compiled their answers into really awesome sounding statistics with a tiny disclaimer that they’re hoping no one will read.”  -Dr. Yoni Freedhoff (“Weighty Matters”)

weighty_matters_bannerWow…big shocker that the same people who were selling the products and making money not only on their own sales but also from downline sales were enthusiastic about the products they were selling.  And the sad and simple fact is that they actually think you, the consumer, is dumb enough to skip the fine print and dumb enough to then buy these products based on the hype.

I hope this information was helpful and suggest that you read the fine print for whatever you do and before buying anything.

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