Breast Augmentation Revision: Why do I Need More Surgery?

Natrelle Breast ImplantsAs many of you know, a large part of my Plastic Surgery practice is focused on breast enhancement with a bulk of that being primary (first time) breast augmentation. However, as I have gained more experience in these cases over the years I began to see more and more patients interested now in secondary breast revision.  These patients are extremely grateful and present with a wide variety of concerns related to the appearance of their breasts.

In looking at my own experience, there are a number of reasons why women seek secondary breast revision surgery. The more common reasons include some of the following:
• To switch from saline to silicone gel implants
• To change the size of their implants (upsize/downsize)
• To address tight scar tissue around their implants (capsular contracture)
• To address asymmetry that resulted from having kids or the aging process
• To address a fold malposition (e.g.: bottoming out or symmastia)
• To remove breast implants completely
• Or, to simply address a result that wasn’t very good in the first place

While many Plastic Surgeons (and unfortunately some non-Plastic Surgeons) perform primary breast augmentation surgery, few offer secondary breast revision because of the increased difficulty associated with the procedure itself. The actual steps necessary to perform these cases can often vary significantly from case to case and the truth is that many of us never really saw cases of this difficulty during our training. In my case, I was fortunate to have received very good training in breast surgery during my residency and fellowship. But I have to say that most of what I have picked up in terms of specific technique I have done so over the years as a result of actually performing a large number of these cases.

Many of these patients have had several surgeries before they reach me and so are understandably frustrated about the need for even more surgery. And, they are even more frustrated about paying more money to fix a result that they thought would be perfect forever following their surgery. But the fact that they have taken the time to explore their options underscores their desire to achieve a more optimal result.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a few examples of our secondary breast revision patients and will give you a look at not only their before and after results but also the story behind why they choose to have their surgery. I hope this information is helpful for you and encourage you to pass along any of these stories if you know someone who could benefit from this procedure.

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