Need to Look Great for that Big Event? Here are 3 Easy Steps!

As summer approaches and we attend more social events, reunions, and general get-togethers, our clients commonly ask us how they can look their very best but with minimal downtime.  Most specifically, as a supporter and long-time attendee of the upcoming Denver Polo Classic, I am also asked by a number of my female friends about what they can specifically do to look great on this big day.

Above all, my clients want to look refreshed and they want to look natural.   But they also want to achieve results with very little to no downtime.   To look your very best for the Denver Polo Classic or for any other upcoming event or simply just to wow them this Spring, Summer, and Fall you need to follow these three easy steps!

Step #1: Begin with your Skin!
The appearance of your skin is a direct reflection of your overall health and so it only makes sense to get it looking its very best.

To do so, first consider what you are actually using on your skin.  Over the counter products are fine in certain climates.  But Denver’s dry air coupled with our active lifestyle makes it even more important to really use products aimed at not only improving your skin but also preserving it.

So, the first step is to evaluate what you are using for your skin and make any necessary adjustments now.  We recommend beginning with our medical grade skin care lines and seeing what an amazing difference they can make!




Step #2:    Check your Neck!
For any of us over 30, the neck can be the bane of our existence when we look at headshots and profile pictures from events.  But unless we lose a ton of weight, have surgery, or were simply born lucky we simply don’t have that clear, crisp neckline we have always wanted…until now!  SkinTyte therapy by SCITON gently heats the skin over a period of 3-5 sessions (one week apart) using infrared energy and can tighten and firm this area with absolutely no downtime.     And the results?  Just wait until your friends snap that next Facebook photo and you actually love what you look like!



Step #3:    Tweak those Cheeks
Do you know the one treatment that can make a huge difference in how you look?  Take a look at your eyes (windows to the soul); now look directly below them.  What are you looking at?  It’s your cheeks!  And if your cheeks have lost volume, they won’t support and emphasize the appearance of those beautiful eyes.  To get that look back, we simply plump up the volume in 15 minutes or less with one of our amazing fillers.  Downtime is next to nothing, bruising is minimal, and results often last a year or more.


So, if you want to look like the next “IT” girl at this season’s premier events, you need to do something about.  And we are always happy to help!

Give us a ring at BEAUTY by BUFORD and Exclusively Skin and our experts will help you look your very best for the next big evening and beyond! 303-951-5829