Is Your First Voluma Treatment on Us? Check this out!

logoWe’ve been treating mid-face volume loss for years and so you can guess how excited we were when the FDA recently approved VOLUMA.  Now that we have this new product, we are anxious to show you how amazing it is and how much longer it lasts.

To get started, we’re looking for a few volunteers.  To qualify, you must be an existing client with moderate to advanced facial aging.  We’re specifically looking for volume loss to your cheeks and possibly your temples.  We’re also interested in patients who have lost volume to their hands.  You also must be willing to let us use your before/after photos to show others just how effective this product truly is.

If you think you may be a good candidate, send us a picture (straight on/at an angle) with you not smiling so that we can get a good idea of any volume-related changes.  If you’re interested in treating your hands, then send us a picture of your hands.

Candidates will be chosen this week and notified by phone and must be available for treatment within the next two weeks.  If chosen, your treatment is on us and at absolutely no cost to you!voluma_pack1ml

VOLUMA has received substantial buzz across the world and it’s finally available in the US.  We know you’ll love it and look forward to demonstrating just how effective it is and how long it lasts as compared to other currently available products.

Send us your photos, your story, and any questions to [email protected].  And feel free to call us at 303.747.6719 as well!  To learn more about this exciting addition to our facial fillers, please CLICK HERE.

Be well!  We look forward to working with you.