Breast Augmentation Option Pulled in the UK






As the worldwide popularity of breast enhancement continues to grow, so do the seemingly endless options for achieving it.  But, as is often true, many of these so-called options are proving to be too good to be true and less effective than their conventional counterparts.

At present time, the most common procedure used for increasing breast volume is placement of a saline or silicone gel breast implant.  Breast implants can be placed through relatively small incisions either above or below the muscle in a procedure that generally takes no longer than 60-90 minutes and which is associated with very little downtime.  But the biggest advantage is that even though your breasts will potentially change with the aging process, the results overall are very predictable.  Even so, alternate options are being offered which claim to offer advantages over this standard approach.

Over the last few years in the UK, some practitioners have been using a hyaluronic acid based filler known as Macrolane to effectively add volume and enhance cup size.  The main advantage of this procedure was that it could be performed in an office setting with very little downtime and potentially with more finesse with respect to volume control.  But, as with many of these alternatives, it also had its downsides.  First, because it is a filler, there was no guarantee as to duration.  And so that wonderful augmentation today could literally be a thing of the past in as little as 12 months or less depending upon how your body resorbed the product.  But the biggest concern and the reason that this procedure has now been pulled in the UK is that the product may potentially interfere with the ability to adequately perform a screening mammogram.  And because of this concern, the use of Macrolane for breast augmentation is now being discouraged.  To read more about this, please visit the following link:

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