The Cat’s Out of the Bag: The Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina Has Arrived!


Vagina. Va Jay-Jay. Hoo-Ha. Honey Pot.

Now that we have your attention, we’ve got some big news: Dr. Buford just published a new e-book focused on women’s sexual and vaginal health, the Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina. The Guide is a labor of love developed to help both women and men learn more about the female body and get a candid look at this often taboo subject.

Meet the Girlfriend’s Guide

The Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina is filled with fun graphics, insight from experienced physicians, and advice from experts in sexual health. It’s conversational, lighthearted, empowering, and easy to read.

While the Guide might make you laugh along the way, its goal is quite serious: to empower women to learn about their bodies and themselves. Dr. Buford consulted with experts in women’s health, such as sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly and OBGYN Dr. Susan Murrmann, to put together the ultimate guide.

Intrigued? Here are just a few of the topics the Guide explores:

  • Anatomy of the vulva, vagina, and reproductive organs.
  • Historical misunderstandings about the vagina, birth control, and menstruation.
  • How the vagina changes over a lifetime.
  • Why and how menstruation occurs—and what is and isn’t normal to experience.
  • What to expect during pregnancy and childbirth, including how it impacts the vagina and vulva.
  • Medical and cosmetic treatment options that are available to help with laxity, dryness, urinary stress incontinence, etc.
  • The benefits of a healthy sex life, explanation of why it feels good, tips for orgasming, and how masturbation can improve your health.

Click here to read the Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina!