What’s the Latest and Greatest in Laser Technology?

Over the last several years, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Buford (BEAUTY by BUFORD) and I (New You Skin Care) have watched laser trends come and go. Each new advance seems revolutionary until the laser either doesn’t deliver results or the results simply don’t last. Until, the introduction of the Lumenis ENCORE laser with FX technology.

FX Fractional Laser Resurfacing is an exciting new procedure that creates dramatic results with less downtime than traditional CO2 laser procedures. FX technology diminishes fine lines, tightens skin, evens skin tone and reduces signs of aging and sun damage while tightening skin and promoting collagen production.

To create these results, laser energy effectively creates “micro-columns” within treated tissue, which then stimulates your body’s healing response all without removing entire layers of skin. During treatment, laser energy addresses surface problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots at the same time penetrating deep into your skin to stimulate collagen growth and rejuvenate and tighten.

FX technology improves both layers of your skin in a single treatment. More superficial epidermal changes on the surface of your skin result in immediate tightening, smaller pores, improved texture and removal of dyschromia or brown spots. Heat applied deeper in the skin’s dermal layer provides the mechanism for long-term improvement of skin laxity and texture as well as further reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. While other options such as chemical peels, dermabrasion and other laser devices are available, no other treatment can provide the dermal and epidermal improvements available with FX technology without significantly more downtime or risk and in a single session. After treatment, your skin should appear firmer, smoother, and more even.

Unlike other fractional lasers, there are multiple treatment options available depending upon what you would like to address. With a deeper treatment, a single treatment is often all that is required. This is a dramatic advantage over other fractionated lasers such as the FRAXEL® which often requires 4-6 treatment sessions to achieve similar results. However, some patients choose less downtime and less aggressive treatment sessions and so may require multiple treatments to achieve the same results.

Full facial treatment usually takes about half an hour. However, with in-office pre and post care, plan to stay with us for about two hours. If you have facial wrinkling, sun spots, age spots, uneven skin tone or clogged pores, you are an ideal candidate for FX laser resurfacing.

While FX resurfacing is safe, as with any procedure, there can be risks. For optimal healing, you should rest for a few days after your procedure. Your skin will look like it has sunburn for 2-5 days, depending on the intensity of your treatment. With superficial treatments there is less downtime, 2-4 days, whereas deeper treatments may have downtime of up to a week. Regardless of depth of treatment, some degree of skin tightening is immediate and will then continue to improve over the next six months. Other visible results generally appear on the fourth or fifth day with overall improvement continuing over the next several months. It generally takes up to 6 months for collagen to complete its remodeling, so be patient as you watch your facial appearance transform and improve.

And with proper skin care, your results should last several years.

Call us to schedule your skincare consultation to see if you would benefit from this exciting new treatment. We are the only nationally recognized training center for Lumenis FX technology and both Dr. Buford and I instruct other medical professionals in the safe and effective use of this laser to help meet their clients facial rejuvenation needs.